Thursday, October 27, 2011

Post Crafty


Brandon & I woke up super early to load up the car and head out to Adams Morgan in the crappy weather.  I got a flat tire while backing up to the curb to unload the goods but luckily new Mazda's come with free roadside assistance for 2 years and they service guy put on the spare while I set up my booth with my fabulous booth mate the Vegan Cupcake Queen, Rebecca Scott!

I brought 60 jars to the fair and by the end of the day I had totally SOLD OUT!  I got to use my super nifty square app to take about $40 in credit card payments, I learned I probably should have brought more 1/2 pints as opposed to full pint jars and I left with *drumroll please* A MEDAL OF EXCELLENCE!  I came in 2nd place for best Pickles in the Crafty Food Awards, SUCCESS!!!  I was a little bit of a sourpuss for not coming in 1st but it wasn't something a little retail therapy couldn't cure.  I bought a few really awesome things from some of my favorite crafters including Jen Menkhaus's gorgeous felt flower headbands (the littlest bean) and an awesome whale necklace from Rhonda Wyman (figs + ginger).  

I couldn't have done it without the encouragement of my friends, the help of my pickling assistant/lover and all the people who bought their very own jars of Blue Apron Pickles & Preserves to take home.  Thank you all and stay tuned for some big news and lots more adventures in jars!

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