Friday, September 30, 2011

The night before Crafty

Twas the night before Crafty
and all through the house, not an object was shifting not even my spouse
The car is half packed with chairs, tables and shelves
I sure hope I can cart this to my booth by myself

At this point tonight I should be snuggled in bed
instead visions of showers and downpours won't get out of my head
so I'll shake up a drink and have a night cap
While I do that I'll mark up my shopping route on the Crafty map

When from the living room I heard such a clatter
My kitty has knocked over my fancy display platter
I must place the loose things up high in a flash
Can't risk my cute labels sporting a pootie paw slash!

Things should go fine tomorrow but I just don't know
Even in it's eighth year, what if nobody will show?!
Will a crowd bigger than ever really appear
If I don't sell these things I'll totally shed a tear

With a cute booth and a smile this day could be comic
and getting that Square app is gonna make my revenues cosmic
I'll take cash and credit but checks are so lame
Then at the end of the day Blue Apron Pickles will rise up to fame!

Now sugar, now vinegar, now peaches, now pectin!
Time to show off all the yummy stuff I've been fixin!
My drink is almost gone and I'm starting to type slow
Tomorrow will be an adventure as long as I show

So for now I'll shoot off to bed like a missile
in the morning I'll brew a cup full of green tea with thistle
I'll have sweet dreams of my future customers tonight
When they realize it was my stuff that made their day such a delight

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